This Texas movie theater lets you bring your dog and drink bottomless wine.. the free drinks certainly don’t hurt. Not only does the $15 ticket price get you and your dog in to see the second-run film of your choice, it also buys you bottomless wine (or four whiskeys, or unlimited soft.

The world's first dog-friendly movie theater with free wine & whiskey opens. K9 Cinemas in Plano, Texas is a dog-friendly theater that allows. bring your dog with you to the movies and drink the included wine and liquor.

PLANO, Texas — There’s a new movie theater in Texas that was created just for dog lovers. K9 Cinemas in Plano provides a place for humans to watch their favorite movies with their canine. Pop a cold.

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PLANO, TEXAS – We all wish we could bring our dogs everywhere, and why shouldn’t we? That’s why a movie theater in Texas is allowing people to bring their furry best friends to enjoy their.

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For a mere $15, you get a movie ticket, a chance to bring one dog, and bottomless wine – or four whiskeys. Because those are normal human measurements that people drink at the movies.

A Texas movie theater has started this trend, where you can watch movies with your furry friend next to you and enjoy some wine. The movie theater is called K9 Cinemas and the theater opened at the end of 2018. It was designed, in particular, to allow dog-lovers to bring their best friend (their dog) along with them to enjoy the movie!

That's why a movie theater in Texas is allowing people to bring their furry best. reason you're still not sold, your ticket comes with all the wine you can drink.. The theater does not show any new film releases, but there are.

Luckily, dog-lovers in Plano, Texas are on the same page about this fact, and K9. K9 Cinemas' Dog-Friendly Movie Theater Offers Bottomless Wine Too, & This. to replace the previous padded chairs, as well as some delicious drink specials .. to bring a dog-friendly movie space to the Lone Star State back in December.

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