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Pizza Hut revealed it is updating the recipe to its Original Pan Pizza for the. The revamped pie will feature a new blend of cheese and sauce,

Starting today, the new-and-improved original pan Pizza is available at participating locations as part of a "Everyday Low-Price Deal" where anyone can get a large 2-topping Original Pan Pizza for $7.99 when ordering online for a limited time. The Original Pan Pizza made its debut on Pizza Hut menus nationwide almost four decades ago.

Pizza Hut reformulated the recipe for its Original Pan Pizza after almost four decades, baking the new pies that debuted on Tuesday in a new type of pan to make the crust crispier. The chain also.

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Our whole family loves Pizza Hut. It was always a big deal when our parents brought Pizza Hut home rather than a frozen pizza or $5 special they picked up on their way home. We recreated Pizza Hut’s Original Pan Pizza at home and it was a big hit.

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Pizza Hut just changed its pan pizza recipe for the first time in nearly 40 years. We tasted it to see if it's a worthy replacement for the original.

Pizza Hut was made famous by its now-iconic, pointy, red-roofed buildings (which weren’t a thing until 1969) and their crispy pan pizza. Though the name stemmed from the original location’s.

After a three-year innovation process, Pizza Hut rolled out its new and improved Original Pan Pizza recipe yesterday. The subtle updates to their OG pizza-it first debuted back in 1980-include.

WFR heads to Pizza Hut to review their NEW Original Pan Pizza. #pizzahut #originalpanpizza #WFR Pizza Hut’s Original Pan Pizza has received a makeover. The company announced Tuesday that its.

In May, Pizza Hut changed the recipe of its "Original Pan Pizza" with a new cheese blend, sauce and pan. It’s also in the midst of expanding its beer delivery program to 1,000 locations this summer..

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It only accepts orders part of Pizza Hut’s promotion of two medium pizzas for $5.99 each. There are only a handful of pizzas to choose from, such as hand-tossed pepperoni or Original Pan Supreme. The.