pro rata definition: 1. calculated according to, or as a share of, the fixed rate for a larger total amount: 2. relating to a calculation of something such as pay or benefits according to a smaller number of hours worked, a smaller amount of something used, etc. in relation to the hours worked in a..

The separation is subject to final Mallinckrodt plc board approval. As previously announced, the planned separation is expected to be executed through a pro-rata distribution of common stock of.

pro rata definition: Pro rata is Latin and is defined as an equal portion. (adverb) An example of pro rata is when shares are said to be equally divided in a legal document..

But starting in the Summer of 2014, we added a pro rata provision to our standard investment documents, and starting now, we're going to aim.

In case of voyage charters the charter rate represents revenue recognized on a pro-rata basis over the duration of the voyage from load to discharge port less related voyage expenses. The start date.

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A pro-rata tranche is a portion of a syndicated loan that is made up of a revolving credit facility and an amortizing term loan. The pro-rata tranche is usually syndicated by banks, as opposed to.

Pro rata’s wiki: Pro rata is an adverb or adjective, meaning in proportion . The term is used in many legal and economic contexts. It is sometimes spelled pro-rata , but this is technically a misspelling of the Latin phrase. In North American English this term has been vernacularized to prorated .

"Really f—ing tired of bigger investors pressuring founders not to let prior investors get pro-rata." "Pro rata" is a concept in many private financings. It gives early investors have a right to buy.

Pro rata definition is – proportionately according to an exactly calculable factor (such as share or liability).

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