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Wiko Story. In 2011, we create Wiko in Marseille, France, with the desire to share our expertise with our customers by offering them products similar to them, facilitating their daily lives.. In Wiko there are people, stories and ideas that make each phone a unique product, designed and created to satisfy all of us.

Simplicity & efficiency: This colored range meets your basic needs. Y RANGE A colourful range with fun and performant smartphones : there is the one for you!

Kevin Burden, VP, mobile devices, said: “Low-cost capacitive touch controllers that use just a single layer of sensors instead of two, and save as much as 30 percent on the cost, are opening the market for lower-end feature phones.

Full List of Wiko Phone Models. Wiko is a mobile manufacturing company from France. They are majorly owned by Tinno Mobile, a company of the same kind but originated in China. Wiko phones are manufactured in China as well.

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MOBILES Simplicity, efficiency: this colored range meets your basic needs. Y RANGE A colourful range with fun and performing smartphones : there is the one for you!